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True Oyster Restoration Initiative

True Oyster Restoration Initiative is a non-profit organization with a focus on marine ecosystem restoration, primarily in the Chesapeake Bay. We endeavor to make a difference in bolstering and improving the environment, and will consider all projects of merit.

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Our Mission

To provide or promote business solutions to marine environmental problems.
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True Oyster Restoration Initiative - Save the Oyster

Our Initiative

Our Primary focus has been on oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay. In addition, we strive to support social entrepreneurs who are creating sustainable business solutions to marine based environmental problems by assisting in the fundraising and project management of individual restorative projects.

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True Oyster Restoration Initiative - Save the Oyster

Save the Oyster!

Why Oysters? Oysters filter and clean your water. 99% of have disappeared leaving the Chesapeake Bay in grave danger! We need more oysters to clean the water. Let's Put a MILLION Oysters in the Bay!

Volunteer your private dock as a temporary home for young oysters:
Simply adopt a float of baby oysters.
You get a $500 Maryland tax credit, making it free!
We do all the work!

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"Oysters are the great recyclers of our ecosystem." - National Geographic


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