Here’s How the Process Works:

* Please note this program is currently closed *

Do you have a private dock or pier on the Chesapeake Bay? Do you know someone who has waterfront property access? Start right here, in five simple steps.

1. ConnectContact us to get started by sending us a message.

2. Purchase — Contribute a tax-refundable $500 via check, online payment or pay by credit card over the phone.

3. We Deliver — We deliver and install your oyster ‘float’ filled with seedlings — at the surface where you can see it, or down below where you can’t.

4. Get Your Money Back — You use our invoice to get a $500 Maryland tax credit. You get 100% back!

5. We Pick Up — We pick up adult oysters & donate to a local sanctuary.

True Oyster Restoration Initiative, Save the Oyster

That’s it!

We do all the heavy-lifting.  There’s no work on your part – the oysters do not need to be fed or cared for.  There’s no risk at all, and your efforts will be rewarded ten-fold in your incredible contribution to the Bay.


Read our FAQs: here. Please do not send checks, as the program is currently closed.

* If you’ve got a dock or pier on the Chesapeake, we’ll help you verify your eligibility for Maryland’s $500 Aquaculture Oyster Float Tax Credit (as found in the Maryland Tax Code General Section 10-724 and identified in Part D of Form 502CR Maryland Income Tax Credits for Individuals). For more information, visit

Send us an email.